Meet the team

Mike Lloyd

Mike Lloyd

Mike is an experienced technical entrepreneur and has founded 3 tech startups over 30 years including Jnction. He published the UK’s first electronic encyclopedia, the Hutchinson Multimedia Encyclopedia in 1991, before the World Wide Web and Wikipedia were invented.

Corinna Smiles

Corinna first came up with the concept for Aubin in 2017. She has used personal experience of autism to help shape the app. When not working she likes to indulge her love of colour, contrast and the visually striking mainly working with fabric, and also nature photography.

Michael Tsang

Michael is Aubin’s lead developer. He joined in 2023, and since then has completely revamped the app’s back-end. Michael is a keen sportsman and in September 2023, he swam the English Channel.

Lucas Callaghan

Since 2018, Lucas has been an integral part of Aubin, driven by a passion for creativity and innovation. Beyond this lies an adventurous soul who seeks inspiration from the untamed forces of nature. He also loves raccoons.

Mia Wicks

Mia joined the team in March 2023. Her role is to oversee Aubin’s outreach, developing relationships with users and stakeholders alike. In her spare time, she enjoys watching football and is an avid Chelsea fan.

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