Why Autism?

Autism is a lifelong condition which affects how people experience the world. Many autistic people actively avoid public transport due to anxiety about unexpected changes or delays and may experience extreme discomfort or anxiety caused by oversensitivity to sensory input or have difficulty processing information which might be heightened in a busy station environment. This can have a negative impact on social and economic activities and leave many people feeling isolated.

How can Aubin help? These are not issues and experiences that can be solved by technology alone, but the aim behind Aubin is to provide users with information about their journey along with tools to help with communication. We hope this will help to boost confidence and enable users to make informed decisions about their journey.

The idea was conceptualised by Product Manager Corinna Smiles who has an autistic son, She recognised the potential for a travel app that focused on needs and preferences rather than the fastest journey, and with the help of the team the ideas for Aubin took shape and have continued to evolve ever since.


autistic people in the UK


of autistic individuals fear unexpected changes, hindering their use of buses or trains.


of disabled rail passengers have a lack of confidence travelling alone.


of the disabled adult population avoid rail / 9% of the total adult population.

Our story

Since we came up with the concept in 2017, Aubin has gained support winning funding competitions and participating in accelerator programmes.


Aubin was one of ten projects chosen to be a part of the Billion Journeys Project to make public transport more accessible and inclusive.


Aubin won an Accessibility Innovation competition to build a fully working prototype.


Aubin won the Mayor of London Covid Safe Travel Challenge, to help London bounce back better after the pandemic.


Aubin was one of three successful applicants to take part in the Station Innovation Zone challenge, to trial the app at Bristol Temple Meads Station.


Aubin was selected to be displayed as part of the National Railway Museum’s Futures of Rail exhibition in York.

Our Purpose

For many autistic people, travelling on the railway can be a stressful and often overwhelming experience. After conducting research into whether there were any existing travel apps aimed at autistic people and finding that the resources were lacking, we felt that we could really make a difference to thousands of people by developing an accessible system to support them. We followed this up with further research to validate the idea, talking with autistic people and organisations, and carrying out surveys and focus groups.

Autistic people are often restricted by a lack of support on the transport network. By encouraging disabled passengers to use public transport, we hope to improve their quality of life, ability to access work, as well as having a positive impact on the economy.

How we do it

The Aubin team prioritise building relationships with autistic individuals and charity organisations. We feel that this direct involvement with our potential consumers helps us create a product which directly responds to the needs of the community we hope to serve.

Throughout our development, we have run trials, hosted focus groups and sent out surveys to subscribers. We will be launching a limited trial in Spring 2024 to gain feedback. If you are interested in getting involved, click here.

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