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Station Innovation Zone Winners: Aubin Heading for Trial at Bristol Temple Meads Station

13th April 2023


After weeks of meetings, interviews, and presentations, we are ecstatic to announce that JNCTION have been selected as one of the three SMEs to trial their proposals at Bristol Temple Meads Station. JNCTION will be testing Aubin, a one-of-a-kind wayfinding app designed to provide assistance for the autistic community, or for those who experience anxiety whilst travelling.


Our aim is to deliver an app that helps individuals with autism find their way around Bristol Temple Meads station and help with their onward journey. Aubin‘s special features include a customisable autism alert card, information on crowding levels and noises, as well as a grounding technique, for when situations become overwhelming.


Aubin prioritises the needs of the neurodivergent community. We have received help and feedback from multiple charities including Autistic UK and from The Mouth That Roars, who participated in earlier focus groups. Aubin has also been tested by autistic individuals, who have provided feedback on features that would be beneficial to them. We aim to continue this practice throughout production. Over the course of the trial, we will have a cohort of trial users on location testing the app.

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